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21 December 2011: Cryogenic Testing Completed for NASA's Webb Telescope Mirrors Read the feature.

20 December 2011: Download "Webb Spinoffs" to learn more about how technology developed for this space telescope has been used to improve life on Earth. Download the pdf.

15 December 2011: For NASA Webb Telescope Engineers, COCOA this Winter Means Precision Testing. Read the release

09 December 2011: There is a new Behind the Webb video podcast on vibration testing of our mirrors. View the podcast

18 November 2011: New team member bio: Meet Bill Ochs, JWST Project Manager.

17 November 2011: Assembly Stand Completed for NASA's Webb Telescope Flight Optics Read the NASA feature.

10 November 2011: We've added two new team member bios. John Durning, Deputy Project Manager and Randy Kimble, Integration and Test Project Scientist.

4 November 2011: We have added a .pdf of our "Fun Pad," which is full of activities for children age 5-10. View our page for educators or direct link to the Fun Pad.

12 October 2011: Giant-Sized Webb Space Telescope Model to 'Land' in Baltimore View the NASA feature.

28 September 2011: The newest Behind the Webb video podcast is up! This one is about the giant thermal vacuum chamber at NASA Johnson, which we'll eventually use to test the fully-assembled telescope. View the video.

27 September 2011: Join the RWIW NASA Engineering Design Challenge Webinar to learn more about getting your middle and high school students engaged in STEM, October 6th, 2011, 6:30-8:00 PM EDT. It's free. More info and where to register.

27 September 2011: Four new images of a full-size test layer of our tennis court-sized sunshield: View the images.

19 September 2011: Testing is underway using flight-like material for the sunshield, a full-scale test frame and hardware attachments. Read the feature article.

13 September 2011: Major milestone reached: all the mirrors have completed gold coating. Read the feature article.

12 September 2011: On September 19th at 2pm there will be a JWST Q&A Town Hall webinar: More details and registration info.

6 September 2011: The Webb Progress Report is out on the Space Telescope Science Institute site: View the report.

6 September 2011: We just posted 4 new images of the full-scale backplane mock-up. View the images.

2 September 2011: RealWorld-InWorld engineering design challenge registration now open for teachers, students, and college team leaders! Go to the RealWorld-InWorld site.

18 August 2011: Our flight MIRI instrument just passed a major milestone - it successfully completed cryo testing. Read the feature.

04 August 2011: Our latest issue (Summer 2011) of the Webb Update is out!. Download the .pdf or view the newsletter archive.

30 July 2011: Here is AURA's page on Webb: http://www.aura-astronomy.org/

28 July 2011: New Webb Telescope Technologies Already Helping Human Eyes. Read the release.

19 July 2011: Our secondary mirror was recently completed, following polishing and gold-coating. Read the feature and view the new images.

12 July 2011: Ball Aerospace just put out a factsheet that shows all the tech used on the primary mirror segments. View the factsheet.

30 June 2011: Big news! All of our mirror segments have now completed final polishing!. Read the web feature.

16 June 2011: The first 6 of our 18 mirror segments just completed their final cryogenic testing. View the photo release.

27 May 2011: James Webb Space Telescope ISIM on 'Spin Cycle' Read the feature.

24 May 2011: Dr. Amber Straughn and Dr. Jane Rigby were finalists for a TED talk. TED talks are high-profile and of geek/tech interest. Tonight from 7-9pm EDT are the 5 minute audition talks by the finalists. Due to travel conflicts, Dr. Rigby will give the talk, but Dr. Straughn will be doing a live twitter Q&A during. Look for the #TEDastro hash tag. Watch the talk live with this link!.

23 May 2011: The results of our NASA Engineering Design Challenge Read the feature.

11 May 2011: STScI is pleased to announce the release of JWST prototype Exposure Time Calculators (ETCs) to support the "Frontier Science Opportunities with JWST" meeting this coming June 6-8th in Baltimore, MD. The ETCs include support for all four JWST Science Instruments, including several imaging and spectroscopic modes. The ETCs are available at http://jwstetc.stsci.edu.

9 May 2011:There is a new Behind the Webb video podcast up. This one is about the backplane! Watch the video.

05 May 2011: MIRI Science Team leader George Rieke elected to the National Academy of Sciences Read the interview.

25 April 2011: Read a Q&A with Dr. Amber Straughn from our last RealWorld-InWorld guest speaker event. Read the interview.

21 April 2011: Read all about our DC Science Writers Workshop in the latest Goddard View! (Volume 7, issue 2, pdf) Download the issue.

15 April 2011: NASA engineer Ernie Wright looks on as the first six flight ready James Webb Space Telescope's primary mirror segments are prepped to begin final cryogenic testing at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. View the NASA Image of the Day or read the release.

13 April 2011: Two Kinds of Webb Telescope Mirrors Arrive at NASA Goddard Read the release.

12 April 2011: The latest issue of our technical newsletter, Webb Update #9, is now out! View the newsletter page.

12 April 2011: April 17th at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Visitors Center, there will be a free "Sunday Experiment" program for kids all about the James Webb Space Telescope More information.

31 March 2011: Get Some Quick "Cool" Facts About NASA's Webb Telescope on Video. Read the release or watch the video.

21 March 2011: Webb Sunshield Like an Umbrella on the Shores of the Universe.

9 March 2011: There is a new Behind the Webb video podcast out! "Wax On, Wax Off" Watch the video.

8 March 2011: Just a reminder of the upcoming professional conference, "Frontier Science Opportunities with the James Webb Space Telescope", June 6-8, 2011 at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD More info.

8 March 2011: James Webb Space Telescope's "Chassis" Gets Taken Out for a Spin at NASA View the photo release.

4 March 2011: View a .pdf of Northrop Grumman's article about Webb LEGOs and model building.

23 February 2011: We have a new interactive 3D fly-by feature! Read the release or go right to the interactive.

18 February 2011: The JWST Systems Engineering Team was awarded the NASA Systems Engineering Excellence Award in the category of Techniques and Methodologies at the 2011 Program Management Challenge in Long Beach California. The Team won the award for implementing systems engineering methods to develop this highly complex cryogenic observatory within very demanding technical constraints. These methods involve the prediction of system performance using a coordinated set of state of the art analytical models, along with vigilant control of critical technical resource and performance margins. This work culminated in the successful Mission Critical Design review which was held in April of 2010.

15 February 2011: NASA sunshield engineer talks to students participating in our RealWorld-InWorld engineering design challenge. Read the feature.

19 January 2011: Read all about the newest "Behind the Webb" video podcast, "Not So Heavy Metal". Or go right to the podcast!