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20 December 2010: We have a new "For Educators" section on our website! Visit the For Educators page.

10 December 2010: There's a new release and video out on Webb's actuators (the mechanisms that move the mirror segments). View the Release. Watch the video.

06 December 2010: Here's an update on our RealWorld/InWorld Engineering Design challenge. The deadline for Advanced Registration has been extended until January 15, 2011. High school teachers and coaches must submit all RealWorld project solutions through the Advanced Registration process by this new deadline. College students interested in leading an InWorld team and engineers willing to help mentor teams must also complete Advanced Registration by January 15. All other deadlines will remain the same. Review these deadlines.

30 November 2010: NASA Scientist to Speak at Imagination Station About the Amazing Webb Telescope Read the feature.

30 November 2010: If you're our 5000th twitter follower, you could win a prize pack of cool NASA/Webb stuff! Take screenshots for proof! (Like the ones shown in the comment here.

1 November 2010: What Will Webb See? Supercomputer Models Yield Sneak Previews! We have new release on these brand new videos. Read the release, and View the videos.

1 November 2010: New gold-coated mirror image in this release from NASA Marshall. View the release.

19 October 2010: Check out the latest "Behind the Webb" video. Watch the video.

19 October 2010: New release, "NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Systems Engineering Evolves to Meet Demands of Integration and Test Phase". Read the release.

18 October 2010: The last two Goddard Views (Volume 6, Issues 10 and 11) have had articles on our ISIM structure! Download the issues.

12 October 2010: There are new web features on the testing of our sunshield, and the testing of our MIRI instrument. Si usted habla español: un video sobre Webb Telescope.

1 October 2010: We have a new Video Snap Shot of the FGS engineering test unit arriving at Goddard! Watch the video.

30 September 2010: A new release from the European Space Agency on the MIRI instrument!. Read the release.

30 September 2010: Popsci.com article, "New Space Telescope Relies on Never-Before-Manufactured Material; No Problem, Says NASA" Read the article.

28 September 2010: We have a new video snapshot showing behind-the-scenes of the cryogenic testing of the ISIM. Watch the video.

28 September 2010: There is a new news release, "NASA's Webb Telescope Unique Structural "Heart" Passes Extreme Tests". Read the release.

28 September 2010: There is a new web feature, "Goddard Team Obtains the 'Unobtainium' for NASA's Next Space Observatory". Read the feature.

27 September 2010: Our evening at Goddard's Visitors Center was featured in the latest issue (Volume 6, Issue 9) of Goddard View. Download the issue.

24 September 2010: If you live near Toledo, OH, please come see our exhibit at the Imagination Station. More information from the museum. NASA release

24 September 2010: Congratulations to Matt Greenhouse, Randy Kimble and Alexander Moiseev for winning the 2010 Robert H Goddard Awards for Science! Read more.

14 September 2010: An interview with Webb project scientist John Mather: "Nobel physicist: Building Hubble's heir in deep space". Read the article.

9 September 2010: The gold-coated (engineering development unit) primary mirror is undergoing cryo testing at NASA Marshall. Read the feature (with new photos).

8 September 2010: The Fine Guidance Sensor just arrived at Goddard today from Canada! Read the feature.

7 September 2010: A paper that articulates the integral role of the James Webb Space Telescope in the 2010 decadal survey "New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics." Read the paper.

07 September 2010: If you weren't able to make it to our evening about Webb Telescope at the Goddard Visitors Center, we now have Amber Straughn and Paul Geithner's talks up on our site!

24 August 2010: We have a new web feature: "How to Build a Life-Sized Model and Real Giant NASA Space Telescope" Read the feature.

13 August 2010: The new issue of Goddard View is out, with an article about the Hubble Gotchu segment we partipated in. Also we have a page to gather all the links/info about it here. Check out the issue!.

12 August 2010: The Webb was featured on Holly Morris's Hometown Fridays segment that aired on Fox 5. Watch the video.

9 August 2010: If you haven't seen it yet, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon shot a new "Hubble Gotchu" segment here at NASA Goddard - it prominently features JWST project people and is very funny besides! You can view the clip and read two behind-the-scenes blogs by NASA Blueshift (plus a follow-up) and Geeked on Goddard.

9 August 2010: Free educator and student resources needed to participate in the RealWorld-InWorld NASA Engineering Design Challenge are now available! Visit www.nasarealworldinworld.org. Log-in, review the resources, and plan to join BOTH the RealWorld (Phase 1) and InWorld (Phase 2) challenges! Please note: Teams MUST complete and upload their final RealWorld (Phase 1) project solutions by December 15, 2010, to be eligible to apply and move InWorld (Phase 2). Participation in the InWorld (Phase 2) challenge is limited to U.S. citizens.

28 July 2010: Six of our mirror passed important cryogenic tests. Read the News Release. View the images.

27 July 2010: Keep your eyes on the newstands - we'll be featured in a cover article in the September 2010 Astronomy Magazine! Check out the cover!.

27 July 2010: There's a new Behind the Webb podcast about the World Science Festival! Watch the video.

19 July 2010: PBS's NOVA did a video blog called "The Next Big Space Telescope". Watch the video.

15 July 2010: NASA Awards the Late Dr. Timothy Hawarden for Contribution to Webb Telescope Read the Feature.

12 June 2010: Behind-the-Scenes Tests with the Webb Telescope's Mass Simulator View the feature.

5 July 2010: Science Friday visited the full-scale model at the World Science Fair, and did some interviews! Watch the Video.

29 June 2010: The flight microshutters were shipped to ESA to be integrated into the NIRSpec instrument! Read the News Release.

24 June 2010: We have a new "Webb Update" out - these are more technical newsletters with progress updates. Read the Newsletter.

23 June 2010: 'L2' Will be the James Webb Space Telescope's Home in Space. Read the Feature.

15 June 2010: Are you a high school teacher looking to incorporate real world engineering design solutions into your classroom? Join our design challenge! Here is a graphic of the flyer (or a .pdf). Visit the Real World/In World website to learn more!.

15 June 2010: Webb's Tug of War - an interactive that shows how Webb keeps its orientation in space by the Space Telescope Science Institute. View the Feature.

15 June 2010: James Webb vs Hubble, How do they compare? An interactive version of our feature. View the feature.

1 June 2010: If you are in NYC, be sure to check out our full-scale model in Battery Park, now through June 6th! We have a brand new time-lapse video of it being constructed. Watch the video on YouTube or in another format.

26 May 2010: We will be participating in the World Science Festival in NYC in early June! The Full-scale model will be there, and there will be lots of events going on. More information on the World Science Festival events with Webb Telescope.

25 May 2010: Webb Telescope's NIRCam Engineering Test Unit Arrives at NASA Goddard. Read the Feature.

18 May 2010: Image Feature: Webb Telescope's ISIM Structure Gets Cold-Tested. Read the Feature.

17 May 2010: Arizona Daily Star article on the building of the MIRI and NIRCam cameras. Read the article.

17 May 2010: There will be a conference June 5-7, 2011 in Grand Teton National Park on science opportunities with the James Webb Space Telescope. More information.

28 April 2010: Webb Telescope Passes Mission Milestone View the Web Feature!

15 April 2010: NASA Administrator Visits Marshall's X-Ray and Cryogenic Facility View the Web Feature!

13 April 2010: Our own Dr. John Mather will be giving a public talk Thurs, April 15 at 6:45 pm at at Da Vinci Schools in Hawthorne, Calif. NASA and Northrop Grumman Corporation are co-sponsoring this community event. More information.

06 April 2010: We have a new web feature out! "Students Bring Fresh Perspective and New Technology to Webb Telescope" Read the Feature.

31 March 2010: There are two new features on our NIRSpec instrument out. Extracting Information From Starlight and Color It Ready - Webb Telescope Instrument Now At Goddard.

23 March 2010: We have a new "movie trailer" all about Webb Telescope. We'll have it up on our website, on our YouTube channel. Here is the web feature with links so you can watch the trailer now! Check out the Web Feature!

18 March 2010: JWST's Mark Clampin is a member of a team receiving the 2009 AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize, awarded annually for the most outstanding article published in the journal "Science". The paper, by Kalas et al, announced the direct detection of an exoplanet in the Fomalhaut system with HST: "Optical Images of an Exosolar Planet 25 Light-Years from Earth". Read the PhysOrg.com article.

18 March 2010: Webb Telescope's MIRI Instrument Replica Reaches Goddard! View the Web Feature!

17 March 2010: Cute Scientific American article: 6 Fun Facts about James Webb Space Telescope Read the article!

10 March 2010: Our "Webb-cam" of the cleanroom has been really popular! We made the front page of NASA.gov today, plus we had 3 of the 4 top stories on the NASA Goddard front page. Both of these link to our new web feature! We have a few more pics of the cleanroom in our Flickr album. Read the web feature!

10 March 2010: If you're at NASA Goddard, come see this talk on "Visualizing James Webb Space Telescope Science" by Academy Award nominee Donna Cox on March 11th. Listen to the podcast!

04 March 2010: Did you know Webb's mirrors have to make 14 stops to 11 places during their manufacture? We have a new interactive map to show you what happens at each step during their journey. Check out the map!

02 March 2010: Webb's first mirror was cryo-polished to spec! Read the press release!

12 February 2010: We now have a webcam online which shows the large clean room here at Goddard, where Webb's hardware is being tested! The screenshot from the webcam updates every minute. View the webcam!

2 February 2010: There is a new news release out on the successful design review for Webb Telescope's sunshield. Read the release!

31 January 2010: The NASA Blueshift podcast just had an episode about what it's like to attend a professional astronomy meeting. In the podcast they talk to Webb Telescope scientist Massimo Stiavelli from Space Telescope Science Institute! Listen to the podcast!

21 January 2010: The "New Views of the Universe" Hubble/Webb exhibit will be coming soon to Science Central in Ft. Wayne Indiana. The exhibit will be open to the public for seven months from Saturday, January 30 through August 30, 2010. See the press release for more information on the exhibit.

12 January 2010: We've added two Powerpoint presentations from the JWST Town Hall at the recent American Astronomical Society meeting. They both give a great update on the state of the various telescope components. One is an overview and one is on the mirrors. Check out the presentations!

12 January 2010: There's a new "Behind the Webb" video out called "Jack of All Sunshields! Check out the video!

07 January 2010: Mirror Testing at NASA Breaks Superstitious Myths Check out the news release!