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29 December 2009: There is a new web feature available, "New Video Reveals Secrets of Webb Telescope's MIRI" Read the article! (You can also view and download the video here.)

15 December 2009: Stop by NASA eEducation Island in Second Life on Dec. 15th at 1pm EST. John Mather will talk about the Big Bang, the Nobel Prize, and JWST!

12 December 2009: JWST Project Scientist Jon Gardner wrote the cover article on "Finding the First Galaxies" for the January 2010 issue of Sky & Telescope. It's on the newstands now! More information on the issue!

1 December 2009: Minus K Technology's Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolators Selected for James Webb Space Telescope Ground Testing. Check out the article!

12 November 2009: Dr. John Mather tells the story of the Universe and talks about everything from the Big Bang, the Nobel Prize, JWST and Life Beyond Earth Check out the website with the video!

21 October 2009: The NASA Blueshift podcast asked their own questions of Dr. John Mather. He gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Nobel Prize experience in this award show spoof episode! Visit the Blueshift site and listen to the podcast!

21 October 2009: Want to ask a Nobel Laureate a question? You can do so via YouTube! Our own Dr. John Mather is participating. You can find out more details about how to ask your question via this YouTube link. (The deadline is October 30th.) Find out how to participate!

20 October 2009: NIRSpec Instrument Engineering Test Unit Model Is Completed Read the spacedaily.com article.

1 October 2009: NASA's New Views of the Universe Exhibit Travels to the Ocean Explorium. Read the press release.

23 September 2009: Dr. John Mather (Nobel laureate and senior project scientist) is giving a public lecture in Washington, DC at the Koshland Science Museum, Oct. 8th. For more information and for tickets, call (202) 334-1201, or visit the museums's website.

22 September 2009: Engineers to Practice on Webb Telescope Simulator. Read the Press Release!

15 September 2009: The flight ISIM structure (which houses the instruments) has been delivered to Goddard Space Flight Center for testing. Read the press release.

03 September 2009: The Hubble Space Telescope (and Webb Telescope) traveling exhibit is going to be at the Ocean Explorium in New Bedford, MA and runs Oct 9 - Jan 17. Check out museum's website for more info!

03 August 2009: We have 17 new artist's conception of JWST! Check them out!

03 August 2009: We've added presentations from the JWST Partner's Workshop in Ottawa, Canada in May to our site. Check them out.

03 August 2009: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) public affairs officer Kim Newton hosted a "Media Day" at the center around several of the Webb telescope's mirrors, and she filmed an 8 minute B-roll video. Check out the YouTube video here!

31 July 2009: NASA Chills: James Webb Space Telescope Mirrors Are Readied for Test. Check the NASA Photo Release!

15 July 2009: Keeping a 'Trained Eye' on the James Webb Space Telescope. Check the NASA feature story!

07 July 2009: We have added some downloadables, like icons and computer desktop wallpapers. Check them out here!

06 July 2009: There's a NASA Web Story on the John Mather episode of Blueshift. Read the article!.

29 June 2009: JWST Project Scientist (and Nobel Laureate) John Mather was interviewed for Goddard's Astrophysics Science Division podcast, "Blueshift". Visit the Blueshift site and listen to the podcast.

26 May 2009: This BBC News piece is a nice companion to the BBC Radio 4 show we recently linked to. (Now in our News Archive.) Read the Article.

26 May 2009: "What comes after Hubble?" Read the Popsci.com article!.

26 May 2009: JWST was featured on the show "Brink" on the Discovery's Science Channel. The show aired on May 22, but it looks like there are plenty of dates when it is reairing. See the Science Chanel website for more info.

13 May 2009: Senior Project Scientist for JWST (and Nobel Prize winner) John Mather is going to be giving a public talk in Ottawa at the Canada Science and Technology Museum on May 20th. There is more information on this website mid-way down the page.

13 May 2009: There is a new NASA web feature on our two newest animations of JWST unfolding and deploying. Read the web feature.

06 May 2009: JWST was featured in The American Surveyor magazine in a story called "A Model Home For NASA's New Space Telescope." Read the article.

5 May 2009: The BBC Radio 4 program, "The New Galileos" is available for listening online! Go to the BBC Radio 4 site.

05 May 2009: There is a new Science@NASA story called "The Incredible Journey of the James Webb Space Telescope" Read the story.

29 April 2009: JWST will be featured on the BBC Radio 4 program "The New Galileos" - it airs Thurs. April 30th at 9pm UK time. You can listen to it on the internet here at the same time as it airs on the radio. On Wed. May 6, it will be rebroadcast (at a slightly shorter length) on the international BBC Radio service, BBC World Service in its science feature segment 'Discovery' - at several different times of the day.

28 April 2009:A press release on a Flash telescope game we developed just got issued! Check it out, and try out the game too! Read the Press Release.

17 April 2009: Northrop Grumman has put out a podcast about the cryogenic mirror testing. It includes an interview with Dr. Scott Texter, the Webb Telescope Manager at Northrop Grumman. Listen to the Podcast.

15 April 2009: We've added two new videos showing how JWST will deploy its sunshield and mirrors. Watch the videos.

15 April 2009: Satnews.com has a story on the JWST mirror segment testing. Read the story.

08 April 2009: JWST's first Flight Mirror Completes Cryogenic Testing! Read the Press Release.

20 March 2009: Students and faculty from Middle Georgia College are working on a baffle for JWST. Read the Article.

20 March 2009: March Mission Madness has started! But sure to vote for JWST in your bracket! Go vote!

17 March 2009: Deputy Associate Director-Technical John Durning did an interview with TV Globo and it can be viewed at the link listed below. John's interview is the only part in English, it begins at 4 min 30 seconds and goes until 17 minutes. Go to the website to watch the video.

17 March 2009: CNN Money reports that the Sunshield passed the Preliminary Design Review and moves into detailed design phase. Read the Article.

12 March 2009: Recipe for the Perfect James Webb Space Telescope Mirror. Read the Press Release.

10 March 2009: NASA is having a "March Mission Madness" a basketball-style "playoff" of NASA missions, including JWST. Voting starts next week - we will try to remind you once it opens. Be sure to vote for us!!.

06 March 2009: Lee Feinberg, the Optical Telescope Element manager for JWST was elected as a 2009 fellow of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumention Engineers (SPIE). Read the Feature.

20 February 2009: Listen to an interview with John Mather, Nobel Prize winner and senior Project Scientist! Visit the KUSF station's page to hear the interview.

19 February 2009: JWST is featured in this CNN news video on "Seeing Further Into Space". Visit the CNN Site to view the video.

9 February 2009: JWST's actual "spine", or backplane, is currently being built! Read the Press Release.

4 February 2009: JWST was featured as the Space Tech of the Week on the Infinite Frontier blog. Read the blog entry.

21 January 2009: JWST was mentioned in this article in Globe and Mail. Read the article.

22 January 2009: The Hubble and James Webb Space Telescope Interactive Exhibit at University of Michigan will open January 30. Read the press release for more information.