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16 December 2008: There is a Science@NASA feature on JWST's mirrors. Read the story.

10 December 2008: The first flight mirror segment just arrived at Marshall Space Flight Center for testing. Read the press release.

05 December 2008: An exhibit on Hubble and JWST is opening at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh on December 10th. John Mather is giving a talk that evening at 7pm. Tickets for the talk are free, but have to be reserved in advance. The exhibit runs until mid-January. More information on the lecture.

05 December 2008: We have just finished the second edition of our Telescope game, "Scope It Out"! We've added two new levels comparing Webb and Hubble to the existing ones comparing Webb to a simple telescope and we've also tweaked the interface to make it more user friendly! Come check it out and let us know what you think!.

10 November 2008: JWST is featured in "The Journey to Palomar" airing on WETA a total of 5 times over the 10th and 11th of November, beginning November 10th at 10PM. WETA listings are available here.

27 October 2008: The full-scale model of the Webb Telescope was on exhibit in Munich, Germany. EADS Astrium has reported on it. Read the article.

12 November 2008: There is a new feature on JWST called "Super-Tough Sunshield to Fly on the James Webb Space Telescope". Read the feature.

9 October 2008: The full-scale model of the Webb Telescope will be on display in Munich, Germany, at the Deutsches Museum from October 13-28, 2008. Read the press release.

9 October 2008: Webb is featured in an article in Baltimore Magazine called "Galaxy Quest". Read the article.

September 2008: The September 2008 edition of the Webb Update is now public. You can view it on our website here. Our archive of past newsletters is available here. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, there are directions on how to do so on that page.

17 September 2008: Development models for components of the Mid-Infrared instrument have now passed a series of temperature and vibration tests. Read the press release.

10 July 2008: The James Webb Space Telescope full-scale model is coming to COSPAR meeting in Montreal Read the press release.

08 July 2008: We have a biography of Dr. John Mather written in Spanish, and available for download in .pdf format! You can find it on Dr. Mather's page in our Meet the Team section.

30 June 2008: Webb Telescope named one of the world's nine largest science projects. Read the article.

30 May 2008: We have several new education and outreach features on our site, among them a Flash telescope game, a presence on Second Life, and a Facebook. You can find all these items listed on our Public page.

20 March 2008: We have a new animation of JWST deploying its mirrors and sunshield. It's available in several different sizes and formats. It is the first one listed on the Deployment page in our Animation & Video archive.

20 March 2008: JWST Sunshield Preliminary Design Review Complete Read the news release.

14 March 2008: JWST is featured in the European Space Agency Bulletin. View the ESA Bulletin.

6 March 2008: Minnesota Public Radio has a feature on JWST scientist Heidi Hammel. Visit their site to listen to the feature.

4 March 2008: A paper on JWST testing was featured on the cover of the journal Applied Optics. Read the Abstract.

21 February 2008: JWST will use miniaturized detector controls and data conversion electronics. View the news release.

14 January 2008: JWST featured in "The International Space Fellowship". Read the article.

11 January 2008: NASA Tech Brief has inteviewed JWST Project Scientist John Mather. Read Interview.