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10 December 2006: JWST Project Scientist accepts 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics View John Mather's Nobel lecture!

17 November 2006: The second issue of the new JWST newsletter is now available! View Newsletter

19 October 2006: Listen to John Mather's conversation with WETA: Visit the WETA archives for the interview.

03 October 2006: JWST Project Scientist John Mather wins 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics! Read More...

22 September 2006: Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity - The James Webb Space Telescope project at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center invites applications through the NASA Postdoctoral Program to carry out postdoctoral research in astrophysics or astronomical instrumentation. For more information, see the AAS website.

14 September 2006: JWST's John Mather was interviewed for the BBC radio program "The Cosmic Hunters", which is about looking for extrasolar planets! Listen to it on the BBC website for Cosmic Hunters! (Look in the top right corner for the "listen again" link to the show. You can also find it by going to this page - look for Cosmic Hunters under "c" and click "listen".

28 August 2006: The 2006 Gruber Cosmology Prize has been awarded to John Mather and the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) science team for their groundbreaking studies confirming that our universe was born in a hot Big Bang. : News Release

1 August 2006: First issue of the new JWST newsletter is now available! View Newsletter

31 July 2006: Vibro-Acoustic Tests On Webb Telescope Primary Mirror Completed: News Release

14 June 2006: First Primary Mirror Segment for JWST Delivered to Ball Aerospace: News Release

25 May 2006: JWST full-scale model on display in Florida at SPIE meeting: More info...

15 May 2006: JWST sunshield material passes key test: News Release

06 Apr 2006: NASA Picks Contractor to Chill Space Telescope Instrument: News Release